We love sniper movies! The sniper deserves more credit than a Call of Duty camper would give or earn. The sniper has been the savior of many a soldier in war, and we pay tribute to them with our current list of top 6 sniper movies. Here’s our Top 6 Sniper Movies:

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1. American Sniper

Ana amazing movie at the blew away fans and critics. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and turns him into a legend. Back home to his wife and kids after four tours of duty, however, Chris finds that it is the war he can wait leave behind. The Texan Chris Kyle has been a skilled shooter since he was a kid. A true sniper movie.


2. Jarhead

Jarhead pushes the idea that Marines, and in particular Marine snipers, are taught to kill and to do it well. As Swofford said, a Marine “is not a true marine until he has seen combat.” While Swofford, played by Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t rack up a high count his experience portrays the complexities of war and the life of a Marine on the front lines.


3. Sniper

Tom Berenger’s performance as a Marine sniper  in the original Sniper movie has all the required elements for an ’80s military action picture: the Central American drug trade, an off-the-books hit on a rebel leader and his drug lord financier and conflict between the old-school warrior and the young “sniper” who’s sat behind a desk and never actually made a kill. Berenger made two or so good sequels and then revived the character in 2014 in Sniper: Legacy.


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4. The Day of the Jackal (1973)

An underrated movie, “The Jackal” is a surprisingly entertaining film that entertains from start to finish. Based on the 1971. In the 1997 remake Richard Gere plays the protagonist as Declan Mulqueen, an ex IRA sniper released from a federal penitentiary to assist federal agents in their hunt for a deadly assassin (Bruce Willis) targeting a high-ranking government official. The movie has a tight script and contains some great supporting performances—particularly Sidney Poiters as FBI man Carter Preston and Diane Venora as Russian Maj. Valentina Koslova—but it’s Willis that makes this film great, as he seamlessly captures the phantom-like nature of the killer. Willis’ Jackal is at different seductive, cool, darkly funny, and insidiously chilling. Need an example? Have a look at this scene as he calmly shoots to pieces an oily, pre-famous Jack Black.



5. Enemy at the Gates

Based on the real-life exploits of Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev, a Red Army sniper whose kill tally at the Battle of Stalingrad is said to have eclipsed two hundred,”Enemy at the Gates” is the godfather of sniper movies. The film depicts a grim battle to the death between two insidious regimes (Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union) among the rubble of the Red city on Volga River. The key players are Zaytsev (Jude Law) and Major König, a German sniper (played brilliantly by Ed Harris) called to Stalingrad to dispatch young Zaytsev, who’s become a Russian hero for his knack for plinking off German officers trying to capture the city. It doesn’t get any better than this. But we’ll soon find out how “American Sniper” measures up to “Enemy of the Gates” and co.



6. Shooter


No, it’s not a war movie. But this ex-marine scout sniper’s personal vendetta against some corrupt government officials will have you cheering for justice. Mark Wahlberg is of course amazing (as always) in the lead role as scout sniper Bob Lee Swagger. He makes some amazing shots, but his sense of survival and desire for justice move this action-packed flick so fast you’ll want to watch it again and again. The technical knowledge they bring into the movie also brings some reality to it.

There’s Plenty of great sniper scenes in movies but this does not make it a sniper movie. Remember the epic sniper scene in Saving Private Ryan, or the sniper scenes in the Bourne movies. Even the classic film “shot through the heart” came close to making our list.