Bourne Collection Movie Recap Video By Matt Damon

If you are having trouble remembering the Bourne films then wonder no more. With the latest iteration, and return of Matt Dadmon as Jason Bourne we have the best possible way to get back up to speed with the trilogy.  Earlier this afternoon, Universal Pictures released the below video of the actor walking you through everything you need to know before seeing Jason Bourne in theatres this weekend. And while the video might just be an attempt to cash in on the current trend of fast-talking YouTube movie narration, I have to admit, I found the whole thing to be surprisingly helpful.

Even with the dots reconnected, most people who see Jason Bourne in theaters this weekend probably won’t get too worked up if the film doesn’t answer all of our questions about Bourne and Black Briar. That was never really the point of the movies.

Recent reports of Matt Damon only having about 25 lines of dialogue in Jason Bourne have surfaced. And if this is true…then Damon probably just spoke more in a trailer recap than he will in the entire film. Talk about working smarter, not harder. Jason Bourne pits franchise regulars Matt Damon and Julia Stiles against Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, and Vincent Cassell. It opens in theaters everywhere on Friday.

Bourne Collection Movie Recap Video By Matt Damon: