Clash of Clans - How to make 4 Million Gold in 1 Hour

In Clash of Clans it’s all about upgrading and making it to the next Town Hall level right? But in order to do so you need more gold, more elixir and more dark elixir. Well, here’s a great guide that will show you how to make 4 million gold in 1 hour using the GiBAM strategy! Be sure to check out some of our other Clash of Clans guides out below as welll:

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GiBam stands for Giant, Bar, Arch, Minion.

giant Barbarian Archer minionqueen rage spell healing spell poison spell

Here’s the details explanation from our friend Ash on cocland:

The Bowler occupies 8 Housing Spaces, while the Wizard occupies 4, so the Bowler occupies twice the space. A level 6 Wizard has 164 HP, while the Bowler has 380, so he’s much more bulkier than a Wizard. And some of you guys may remember me saying a while ago in one of my videos is that one thing we’re missing is a bulky ranged attacker. And it looks like this is what we’re getting. The Bowler throws his bowling ball to deal two consecutive hits in a straight line path. A level 6 Wizard does 180 damage, while a level 3 Bowler does 85, so only about half as powerful as a Wizard. But you have to take into account that the Bowler has a much greater range and also can do damage to two buildings at a time, not one, unlike the Wizard. So yea, the Bowler by no means is inferior to any of the other troops, and also from I’ve seen, he’s not overpowered in any sense either. He’s just a very balanced troop, and he has a special property in the game. The Bowler wasn’t created to beat Inferno Towers, although that is something I desperately had hoped a new dark troop could do, but what I’ve seen, he was created for a different purpose.

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