The latest Clash of Clans update is like guys! And it is one of the coolest update we’ve seen in a while. Here’s all the details on all the new troops, spells and challenges! Clash of Clans Update – New Baby Dragon, Miner, Clone, Skeleton and Friendly Challenge:

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Clone Spell:

Clash of Clans Update Baby Dragon Miner Clone Skeleton Friendly Challenge

You can turn the Clone Spell into an army to create a circle of spawning. This circle will create limited-lifetime illusions of troops troops that enter the circle. The cloned troops are just the same as the real ones but blue and look like glass. They have the same damage, HP, movement speed,… but have limited lifetime!
You can’t clone Heroes by using this spell!

  • The copied troop levels = the original troop levels.
  • The copied troops can only last a limited amount of time and it is 15s.
  • It can clone all troops (except Heroes of course, as stated above)
  • Summoned units of Cloned Witchs/Golems/Lava Hounds will be also in the cloned status.
  • Clone Spell can also easily clone sub-troops and even the Skeleton Spell’s Skeletons.
  • Spawned troops from Heroes can be cloned by this spell.
  • Only level 3 and above Clone Spell can clone Golem, P.E.K.K.A and Lava Hound.


Clash of Clans Update Baby Dragon Miner Clone Skeleton Friendly Challenge

The Miner easily burrows underground, bypasses beneath Walls and pops up right next to the target. Obviously, nothing can target him while he is digging underground. Every time after destroying a target, he burrows underground again and get to the next target. Because of this, he doesn’t trigger any trap while he is underground. He does trigger traps when he is on the ground, stands next to the target.


  • He is unlocked at Town Hall 10 and he is Elixir Troop. He takes 5 housing spaces and takes 5 minutes to train. He is also pretty cheap, just about 4200 Elixir.
  • There are 4 levels in total.
  • The Miner has no favorite target.
  • Miners are affected by Spells even when they are underground.

Skeleton Spell

Clash of Clans Update Baby Dragon Miner Clone Skeleton Friendly Challenge

This spell spawns a skeleton squad from where you dropped it down.

  • The Skeleton Spell is the new dark spell, which can be unlocked from Town Hall 9 via Dark Spell Factory level 4.
  • Although Skeletons are very weak but they can give you lots of value If you use them the right way.
  • Skeletons don’t trigger traps.
  • Skeletons can lure Clan troops out.

Baby Dragon

Clash of Clans Update Baby Dragon Miner Clone Skeleton Friendly Challenge

Baby Dragon is the new Elixir troop unlocked at Town Hall 9. It takes 10 troop housing spaces in total. The Baby Dragon in Clash of Clans and the one in Clash Royale are just the same model!

Basically, this green guy is the stronger version of Minion. The obvious benefits of using them are dealing with Wizard Towers and Multi-Target Inferno Tower in air attacks. I am also thinking about using it to create funnel, which would work pretty well! When left alone, far away from other air units, the Baby Dragon becomes enraged and gains loads of bonus damage + attack speed! It will turn to purple, just like under the effect of a Rage Spell!

Friendly Challenge

Clash of Clans Update Baby Dragon Miner Clone Skeleton Friendly Challenge

What is Friendly Challenge?

Friendly Challenge allows players in a Clan to attack each other for practice, competition,… or just for fun! This is going to be unlimited and won’t cost anything from Gold, Elixir, Troops, Spells, Heroes,… You can’t earn resources or trophies after finishing a Friendly Challenge.

This is extremely useful that you can use your opponent bases in Clan Wars and let your Clan mates attack them for practice before acting the real attacks. It will definitely improve your attack skill as well as help you improve your base better!

How can I invite my friends to attack my village?

To invite your friends to attack your village, you can use the “Challenge” button at the top of the Chat bar. You can also choose between your current layout and other saved ones, including your Clan War bases. You can add some custom text as the message!

Once it is posted, players who accept your challenge can launch an attack against the chosen layout. Don’t worry, you are not going to lose resource after getting attacked by your Clan mates!

How can I attack my friend’s village?

After accepting a Friendly Challenge in Clash of Clans, you will attack that village with your current army. Don’t worry! You are not going to lose anything (troop, spell, Heros,…). After attacking, they will be returned to your base! The replays of your attacks will be available in the Clan chat and everyone can see the replay or even can watch the live attack!

Some notes for you:

  • If you are TH9 or above, Clash of Clans layout modified within last 24 hours is not available for Friendly Challenges.
  • Because of this new Friendly Challenges feature, you will no longer see your opponent’s bases during the War Preparation Day! Scouting will just show their farming layout instead of war layout.


What do you guys think? We can’t wait for our upgrades to our Barracks and Dark Spell factory to complete so we can try these new troops out!