I stopped watching Supergirl a long time ago. I lasted about 5 episodes. I just could not tolerate any more of the fluffy pink superhero TV shows that is constantly flooding our previously loved and soon to be hated superhero series’. Flash is borderline cheap fluffy and Arrow is just plain to boring. See what else we had to say about why we stopped watching Arrow here.

So it is with little to no surprise that we were greeted with the news that there will be a Flash and Supergirl crossover. We can only imagine that this is to save the poor ratings for the Supergirl TV show on CW.

The fact remains that we are getting fed-up with all the superhero crap on TV. Every comic book character every created seems to be getting their own TV show. This is a disaster and is destroying the great legacy and story that so many of these characters have with a cheap Hollywood op-coloured fluffy TV show. Netflix seem to be on the right track with a more serious tone to their superhero shows, but I will remain cautious to give even them the thumbs up. This is in spite of us approving of both their iterations of Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Can A Flash Crossover Save Supergirl Ratings? Do you still enjoy these superhero shows? Are you also reaching a saturation point? Please stop watching shows you don’t enjoy. We create the demand for all of these shows, which means we are indirectly responsible for all these shows hitting our TV screens.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Supergirl. No doubt it will boost the rankings for a while, but the question is for how long. We’ve seen this trick happen all over the superhero TV screens. Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.S. were first with this ploy where they included some of the less popular movie stars from Marvel movies.