Swimsuit 2015: West Coast Shoot Kelly Rohrbach Various/NA, NA, USA 7/12/2014 X158431 TK3 Credit: Yu Tsai Swimsuit by: One Teaspoon

She’s athletic, she can swim and now we know that she looks great in a red one-piece: Kelly Rohrbach, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model-turned-actress, just landed her first big film role, opposite Dwayne Johnson (Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron with Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) directing in the comedy/camp style of the 21 Jump Street reboot) in the big-screen adaptation of Baywatch. You can see the fun Instagram videos the two stars made below, but before that here’s a few more details about the sexy blonde who will be playing none other than C.J., the role that made Pamela Anderson (and let’s face it, probably Baywatch as well) famous.

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Did you know:

  • She was recently dating Leonardo DiCaprio, but the two reportedly split a few months ago.
  • Her Instagram account is sexy as hell and you should go follow her immediately!
  • She won Rookie of the year for the popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. A title Emily Ratajkowski won in 2014. We saved you the trouble and posted them all right here. Go ahead click! You can thank us later.

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