It’s always great to dream about our ideal castings. Actors we would love to see in certain roles. Being the superhero fans we are, we believe we have the list that the Marvel and DC head honchos need to see. We have our list of 10 Actors That Need To Join Marvel Or DC Movies. Think we missed the plot completely? Then let us know in the comments…


1. Summer Glau – Kitty Pryde

summer-glau-wallpaper 1

Joss Whedon’s favorite character, Kitty Pryde, was almost played by one of his alumna: “So the girl I turned into sort of a superhero in my movie was going to read for the character that most influenced ALL my girl-heroes, Kitty Pryde. Karmically funky. Anyhoo, she called me after and said it was very emotional and kind of like when she read for ‘Firefly,’ she just got into a very intense groove. She started telling me about the scene she read and that’s when I realized why it was kind of like she read for ‘Firefly.’”

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It turns out they had adapted Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men #5 for the sides. Summer Glau has been a pretty quiet actress lately; we don’t see her in many big films. She mostly works in television. But she is very talented. And she has an established relationship with The Avengers helmer Joss Whedon, courtesy of Firefly and Dollhouse. So she wouldn’t have trouble getting her foot in the door. She’s also certainly got the looks to play a female hero.

And here’s a little taste (in HD) of what Summer can bring to the role… perfect don’t you think?

Summer Glau by Tyler Shields for Self Assignment - 4/5/2009

Summer Glau by Tyler Shields for Self Assignment - 4/5/2009

summer-glau-wallpaper 2

Summer Glau by Tyler Shields for Self Assignment - 4/5/2009



2. Eliza Dushku  – Black Widow

Not that we’re complaining about Scarlet Johannson as the current Black Widow. We’re not sure how close this ever came to be, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying on Dushku’s part. She lobbied for the role all over town, even going on Howard Stern, talking about how perfect she is with her fight training and her Russian accent from “Dollhouse,” and she encouraged her fans to start an “Eliza for Black Widow” campaign. Seeing as none of that happened, I’m sure there can be another role for her somewhere?

eliza-dushku 2

eliza-dushku 6

eliza-dushku 5 eliza-dushku 4


3. Benedict Cumberbatch – Doctor Strange

Thank the Gods this is happening already! But we all knew this was a must! Few actors have taken the Comic-Con audience by storm in recent years like Benedict Cumberbatch, and with good reason. Roles like ‘Khan,’ the most iconic villain in Star Trek history, or ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ would catapult any actor into worldwide fame, but Cumberbatch has more than enough talent and presence to not just live up to major roles, but give them new life for entirely new generations.

It’s hard to think of another actor that could bring the grandeur, ego and sense of wonder to Doctor Strange like Cumberbatch, and the fact that he has become a household name is a one-two punch of ‘bankability.’ If Marvel is willing to spend top-dollar on a star, then Cumberbatch is a perfect choice – if he would even be interested in the part.



4. Edward Norton – Any

Edward has been very quiet as of late and one can almost say his acting career is over. But,  even with his American History X bulk and incredible acting talent, we’re sure he could be perfect. Perhaps not as the Hulk, as we’ve seen already. He remains a personal favorite here at GeekShizzle.



5. Kristen Stewart – Rogue

Her Twilight days are over. Okay, got that? Kirsten is a talented actress that should have never chosen to star in Twilight. We encourage you to watch some of her Indie movies. She’ll make the perfect melancholic mutant with a dark and sad history. She is a perfect Rogue.




6. Charlie Hunnam – Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was the type of garbage that gives garbage a bad name. Because of that Marvel is going to wait a while before they roll out their own version of ol’ Flame Head, despite them getting the film rights back a few years ago. Eventually though, you know that they’re going to bring him back, and I can’t think of a better pick than Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam. Rides a motorcycle like a badass? Check. Has a cool swagger? Check. Can show off a mean attitude? Check. Is not Nicolas Cage? Mother-effing check!




7. Katee Sackhoff – Any

Can the movie producer God’s please grant us this one favor and make Katee star in a super hero movie? She’s busy with her own produced and acting series lately, but we can all agree that she would make a perfect Ms. Marvel.



8. Hiroyuki Sanada – The Mandarin


There are a massive amount of Asian actors who could play the part to perfection, none more than Hiroyuki Sanada.

After the veteran Japanese actor held his own against Logan in The Wolverine, there’s little question that he could be an appropriately menacing Mandarin. It’s still unclear whether Marvel will stick with Iron Man 3‘s lame story about Aldrich Killian being the “real Mandarin” (unlike One-Shot All Hail the King, which confirmed there is a real Mandarin out there somewhere, although he remained off-camera), but Sanada is definitely worth keeping in contention for any future version of the role.

It’s safe to say that most hardcore fans were not satisfied with Ben Kingsley’s pansy “Trevor” imitation of the character, and the Iron Man films’ biggest issue is that they still haven’t birthed a nemesis for Tony Stark. With The Ten Rings still kicking, it would terrific to meet its leader sooner rather than later.


9. Katheryn Winnick as Captain Marvel

Watch an episode of Vikings and it won’t take you long to see how badass the shieldmaiden Lagertha is. That’s because actress Katheryn Winnick is a legitimate badass in real life! The Canadian-born actress started training martial arts at age 7, got her first black belt by 13, had opened three martial arts schools by 21, has a third degree black belt in tae kwon do and a second degree black belt in karate and is a fully qualified and licensed bodyguard.

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KatherynWinnick_CaptainMarvel_fanart katheryn-winnick-vikings 1 katheryn-winnick-vikings 2


10. Emile Hirsch – The Beyonder


The Beyonder is a being of unlimited power and ability. For all intents and purposes, he’s omnipotent. He is, in fact, directly responsible for the events that occur in Secret Wars, arguably the greatest comic book epic of all-time. He looks to be a clean cut average male from 1980s era Miami, Florida. But beneath that Don Johnson-like suit lies a rage and power that is near uncontrollable.

We need an actor who can both seem naive and al- knowing at the same time. Emile Hirsch is the perfect man for the job. Check him out in Alpha Dog, Into The Wild, and Speed Racer for further evidence of his prowess in front of the camera.