Can the anticipation be any higher than it is already! With less than a month to go until Fallout 4‘s November 10th release, Bethesda has debuted a new live-action trailer to whet our appetites even more for some post-apcocalyptic wandering. Fallout 4 will feature the series’ most in-depth character creation yet, Bethesda said earlier this year, and it’ll sport a new dynamic dialog system that actually lets you walk away from dull conversations. The blend of real-world environments with Fallout models works really well for the trailer. Really, though, it just makes us long for the days when actual game environments can look that good. We’ll get there, someday.

The live-action trailer features a man casually taking a stroll through the wasteland. It soon becomes clear that he’s a total badass, and doesn’t even flinch when trouble approaches. Peep the video above.

That catchy tune in the background that’s oh-so fitting is Dion and the Belmonts’ classic, “The Wanderer”. The amount of hype surrounding this game is already at a deafening level, so it’s hard to say whether this new trailer will get you even more excited. If only we could hibernate until November 10. As for the trailer, it’s shot in such a gorgeous manner that it brings the wasteland to life. Everything in the world looks brilliant, even the Mr. Handy in the beginning, though, the clip of the world experiencing total atomic annihilation looks rather brutal.
Here’s the Fallout 4 live action trailer:

Fallout 4 launches November 10th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.