Carl Jr Add

As we already know, Carl’s Jr.’s isn’t one to shy away from controversy with their highly provocative adds. The latest ad for its new Tex-Mex burger (titled “Borderball”) has raised a few eyebrows from people who think it stereotypes Latinas and makes light of the U.S.’s current immigration crisis.

The ad features models Elle Evans and Alejandra Guilmant (all we really care about), who play opposing volleyball players who can’t decide if the burger is more “Tex” or “Mex. So, they decide to settle the score through a game of border volleyball (all while under the watchful eye of two male models, of course).

Although a rep for CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Carl’s Jr., told Adweek that the ad was not intended to be a political statement in any way, even some of the ad’s actors disagree. Kara del Toro, who plays one of the women on the “Mex” team told Fox 411 that she thought the ad was purposely highlighting “what’s going on politically right now with immigration.”

Here’s the video, this is the extended edition for your enjoyment: