World of Warcraft Chronicle 1

Blizzard had a few cool announcements at this years San Diego Comic Con 2015. Their panel at the con is over (though the Warcraft movie panel is yet to come), and beyond the new items already in Blizzard’s gear store, here’s all the awesome new goodies we can expect:

We’re getting a new lore book (Warcraft Chronicle), a Warcraft movie tie-in comic, an Overwatch comic, and a new Overwatch statue featuring Reaper.

This is a great idea, and we already pre-ordered ours! Warcraft Chronicle: Volume 1 is the first in a series that will explore and explain exactly what the lore of World of Warcraft actually is. Volume 1 covers everything from the dawn of the universe to The Last Guardian, which sets up the First War and Warcraft 1. Essentially, if you’ve ever wanted to get a sense of what the lore of Warcraft actually is, and you’ve been confused by having to hunt through old games and novels, you can get the Chronicle and that’ll do it for you, giving you the up to date canon. I’m pretty excited about it.

Beyond the Chronicle, we’re also getting a new comic that’s a direct tie-in to the Warcraft movie: Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood. Though Blizzard didn’t drop any details on the story, it will be written by Paul Cornell with art by Mat Broome and is due out in May 2016, before the film’s release. For those who aren’t visually inclined, Christie Golden is also working on a novel to tie in to the film — though the fact she’s working on it is all we know so far.

Of course there’s the Blizzard gear store  for all your swag needs. What’s really cool there is if you go to about 2:31 on the video you’ll see a brand new Overwatch statue for Reaper to go along with your Tracer statue if you already have one (or to stand alone if you just like Reaper). If you’re already salivating for Overwatch, there’s also a graphic novel on the way according to @PlayOverwatch.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m ludicrously excited about that Chronicle series and Overwatch graphic novel. Indeed, I’ve been wondering when we’d get one of those — perhaps the Overwatch animated series isn’t far off?