Kings Quest Relaunch Announce Release Date, Pricing and Trailer

Kings Quest Relaunch Announce Release Date, Pricing and Trailer

Sierra has revealed that the first chapter of King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember will be available in North America on July 28 for PS4, PS3, and PC. Over the years since the first release in 1983 the King’s Quest franchise would spawn seven sequels and exponentially more bad puns. Known for its playful humor, rich lore, and clever puzzles, the series came to an unfortunate end in 1998 with King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity. The golden age of adventure games was over and Sierra was in serious trouble.

Until now.

This first chapter will cost $10. In addition, King’s Quest: The Complete Collection is a bundle of all five chapters, and is now available for pre-order on PSN and Steam for $40. Xbox One pre-orders will begin on July 7. IGN managed to get some game-play on it and had this to say:

Decisions you make in the game will have consequences, and your decisions will follow you from chapter to chapter, similar to Telltale’s various adventures. While I didn’t see how it would play out, the dev team says that the narrative won’t be linear and will have many branching paths and possible endings. They emphasize that Graham is still a noble knight through and through – there isn’t a morality system where he can turn evil – but enemies can be vanquished in more than one way.

Now that I’ve seen it in action, this new reimagining of King’s Quest is a delightful surprise for an old-school adventurer like myself. It seems to capture the spirit of the original games, if not the game mechanics, with razor-sharp writing, gorgeous production values, and tons of Easter eggs and call-backs to the franchise. Even little things, like the use of King’s Quest 5’s interface and a random sound effect from King’s Quest 6, make the new King’s Quest seem less like a relaunch and more like the return of an old friend.

The upcoming King’s Quest follows the story of an aging King Graham reflecting on his life of adventures.

Pre-order the complete collection now for $39.99 here.

Kings Quest The Complete Collection Screenshot

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