Breaking Benjamin is back with a bang, topping Billboard 200 with their fifth studio album “Dark Before Dawn”. There was a time when it was absolutely pointless to listen to one of our favorite bands because the group of guys originally from Pennsylvania lost their mojo after their insanely popular 2006 album “Phobia”. Surprisingly, 2009’s “Dear Agony” managed to sell 134,000 album units, so it seems that not everyone will appreciate our opinion. The friendly folks over at are gladly giving the new album a thumbs up, but mentions that ”there were no specific big let downs from any one member or their performance, but the end products just weren’t working”.

Breaking Benjamin Tops Billboard 200 With 'Dark Before Dawn'

Breaking Benjamin Tops Billboard 200 With ‘Dark Before Dawn’

Irrespective of the review, over 141,000 album units that include 135,000 copies of pure album sales have been recorded for BB’s fifth studio album, placing them at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. The record marks the rock group’s first to top the chart and gives them their best sales week in history. Our favorite album “Phobia” only managed to rake in 125,000 sales when it was release back in the day. We expected better reviews from one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Perhaps it is time for BB to call it a day, but with record sales going through the roof I’m sure we have not seen the last of the once epic American rock band. A best hits compilation album was released in 2011, hinting at a possible breakup or final album heading our way. Only time will tell what is waiting next.

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