Carice van Houten blasted into the film industry as the evil (or is she good) priestess Mellisandre. She dazzled fans not only with her ability to portray this role so perfectly, but also with her looks, and “pure sex appeal. And lets face it, she has the body of a Goddess. As a Game of Thrones fan you would have seen more than plenty of this actress, let’s not forget the demon-birth scene. But for the rest of her fans, we pay this tribute to Carice with this wallpaper gallery.

We also mentioned her as one of the top 10 sexiest Game of Thrones babes. Here’s our Sexy Wallpaper Gallery for Game Of Thrones Star Carice van Houten

Carice-van-Houten-Melisandre-Wallpaper-Sexy 2 Carice-van-Houten-Melisandre-Wallpaper-Sexy 3 Carice-van-Houten-Melisandre 4 Carice-van-Houten-Melisandre-Wallpaper-Sexy

Carice-van-Houten-Melisandre-Wallpaper-Sexy 7

Carice-van-Houten-Melisandre-Wallpaper-Sexy 6