Beyonce Knowles’ Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” mashed with the DuckTales’ Theme song is exactly what we need to bump up the feel good hormones on a Wednesday. TheBaronessIsAwesome uploaded the video clip on YouTube featuring Knowles and her attractive dancers busting out a couple of moves to the singer’s 2008 hit set to the theme song of the wildly popular ’80s-’90s kids TV series. It is truly amazing how closely the moves of the song match the theme song of the duck centric kids show. Wow, so many good memories surfaced when I heard the theme song again. Enjoy!

DuckTales' Theme Fits Perfectly With Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' Video in New Mash-Up

DuckTales’ Theme Fits Perfectly With Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ Video in New Mash-Up