Assassins Creed Syndicate is a go, and we ca expect a 23 October release date. The question remains what is new in this iteration of the struggling franchise? We all know about the previous Assassins Creed that was strewn with bugs and hilarious face-twisting graphics errors. This time though, even though we’ve only seen pre-alpha footage we must give a nod of approval for the beauty that is 18th century London, as well as the new features we can expect to see.

Here’s Assassins Creed Syndicate – Everything you need to know:

1. Female combatants are a notable addition in “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate,” like the woman seen here with the rifle:

Ubisoft Announces New Assassins Creed Syndicate - Location London 1

2. The “hidden blade” signature to “Assassin’s Creed” is now a combination blade, firearm and hookshot. Here’s the blade form.

assassins creed syndicate - everthing you need to know

3. Players can drive the horse-drawn carriages, which fill the entire London.

assassins creed syndicate - everthing you need to know 2

4. Classic means of attack like dropping down on enemies from above are still a main component of “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.”

assassins creed syndicate - everthing you need to know 3

5. Stalking the street with a gang of your underworld friends is an option. The gangs in “Syndicate” are known as “Rooks.”

assassins creed syndicate - everthing you need to know 4

6. Fighting is as gruesome as ever – maybe even moreso than usual. Jacob’s got a brutal weapon from Nepal called a “Kukri,” shown here.

assassins creed syndicate - everthing you need to know 5
7. Precision aiming: We picked this moment not just to highlight Jacob’s superb knife-throwing skills, but also to zero in on something Ubisoft reps mentioned during our first look at Syndicate. Precision aiming is now possible with the game’s assortment of ranged weapons, meaning headshots actually count for something.

8. We don’t know much about how the larger conflict between Assassins and Templars fits into Syndicate, but fighting for turf all across London is a major part of the game. Jacob and Evie work together to raise an army of common folk by wresting control of the city’s seven boroughs from Templars that have reigned for the past hundred years.

9. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate introduces vehicles that our assassin’s can commandeer whenever they come across one. We haven’t seen any boats in action yet (Ubisoft confirms they’re in, though), but here’s a look at Jacob at the reins of a carriage as he pursues one of London’s many Templar-loving no-goodniks.

10. Eagle Vision is a series staple, so of course it’s back in Syndicate. Here’s Jacob using it to scope out his surroundings. Red highlights mean danger, same as always. Green highlights are friendlies; in this case, you can save one and earn yourself an ally. And white highlights are interactive objects, like dangling pallets of crates that can be dropped on enemies’ heads.