Top Gear” host and TV celebrity Jeremy Clarkson has officially received the boot. BBC made the announcement that his “fracas” with a producer has cost him his job and that his contract will not be renewed at the end of the month. There is simply no reason to watch the show anymore in my honest opinion. That said, I mean no disrespect to Richard Hammond and James May who co-host the show but many will agree that Clarkson has always been the spark that kept show going all these years. Clarkson hosted the original “Top Gear” from 1988 to 2000 and took on the same duty when the show was resurrected in 2002.

'Top Gear' Host Jeremy Clarkson Officially Fired by BBC

‘Top Gear’ Host Jeremy Clarkson Officially Fired by BBC

With the main host canned and no replacement announced, the status of fellow presenters Hammond and May is said to be “unknown”. Clarkson had been caught in trouble several times before, but it only reached a critical point last year when BBC boss Danny Cohen gave him a “last warning” for using the N-word while filming the show. This time round Clarkson has pushed the limits too far after it was reported that he punched a male producer, while the network was conducting an internal investigation.

The summary of the investigation reads:

“It was not disputed by Jeremy Clarkson or any witness that Oisin Tymon was the victim of an unprovoked physical and verbal attack. It is also clear … that Oisin Tymon is an important creative member of the ‘Top Gear’ team who is well-valued and respected.””He has suffered significant personal distress as a result of this incident, through no fault of his own.” “The physical attack lasted around 30 seconds and was halted by the intervention of a witness,” and “the verbal abuse was directed at Oisin Tymon on more than one occasion – both during the attack and subsequently inside [a] hotel – and contained the strongest expletives and threats to sack him.”

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson  and James May

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May

BBC director general Tony Hall said in a statement yesterday:

“It is with great regret that I have told Jeremy Clarkson today that the BBC will not be renewing his contract,” “It is not a decision I have taken lightly. I have done so only after a very careful consideration of the facts and after personally meeting both Jeremy and Oisin Tymon.” “I know how popular the program is and I also know that this decision will divide opinion. The main facts are not disputed by those involved,” “The BBC must now look to renew ‘Top Gear’ for 2016. This will be a big challenge and there is no point in pretending otherwise. I have asked [BBC Two controller] Kim Shillinglaw to look at how best we might take this forward over the coming months. I have also asked her to look at how we put out the last programs in the current [season].”

Saying that ‘Top Gear’ 2016 will be a “big challenge” is a huge understatement considering one of the biggest reasons to watch the show has been removed. He will be missed no doubt, but avid fans of the show might soon have the opportunity of seeing Clarkson take on new challenges at ITV, Sky or Netflix according to hot rumors making the rounds.