Apple announced the final details and prices of the new Apple Watch Yesterday and we have all the details you need to know about the various models, colors, specs and prices. The guys over at Gizmodo managed to get a hands-on already and we will be referring back to their review. While we are still divided on how we feel about the Apple Watch, you have to admit that they Tech company is boldly and proudly announcing some of the most elaborate and expensive watches on the market. Will people go for it? Will it tank?

Here’s the Apple Watch – Everything You Need To Know:


1. The Apple Watch Sport Edition

Apple Watch 3

  • Anodized aluminum and not gold
  • 60 percent stronger than standard alloy
  • Colors: silver or space gray
  • The cheapest model available
  • Price: $350 (38mm), $400 (42mm)

Additional costs: Only compatible with the Sport strap ($50) figured in the final cost.


2. The Apple Watch

Apple Watch

  • Stainless steel and also not gold
  • Sapphire glass
  • Colors: polished silver and glossy space black
  • All about the hard metal, 80 percent harder than normal stainless steel
  • For the non-sporty and also the non-Millionaire
  • Price: $550-$1050 (38mm) and $600-$1100 (42mm)

Additional costs:

Sport band: $50, Leather loop: $150, Classic buckle: $150, Milanese loop: $150, Modern buckle: $250, Link Bracelet: $450. It would seem whatever initial band you choose is figured into the price

3. The Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch 2

  • This is the 18-karat gold one
  • For the Mr./Mrs. Moneybags in your life
  • Uses special Apple-created gold material
  • Will be a limited edition and only in select countries
  • Price: $10,000-$17,000 (in select stores)

Additional costs:

This little gadget will set you back at least $10,000. We’ve known a gold Watch was coming since Apple first announced its smartwatch lineup, and pricing has been cited as potentially being all over the place, but $10,000 is definitely towards the higher end of what anyone thought possible. And that’s just the starting price. Tim Cook didn’t even mention on stage where the higher end of the Apple Watch Edition caps off, but according to Apple’s website, the most expensive option hits $17,000.

Of course, nice watches can easily exceed that much, but nice analog watches also don’t require constant, glitchy software updates and don’t get replaced every year by a new model. But hey, if you’ve got insane amounts of money to spend, go for it I guess? Or just buy 100 Pebbles. Both options are equally logical.

You can pre-order your own watch starting April 10 and will be available in stores starting April 24 in the US, UK, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, and France. So…which one are you getting (if any)?