The guys from Sideshow Collectibles never cease to amaze.

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Square Enix has been kicking ass with their Play Arts Kai action figure line, and they’ve just announced a new one through Sideshow Collectibles. It’s a Predator collectible action figure, and it’s one of the best they’ve created so far. It has improved articulation, it’s slightly larger and more detailed than the previous figures they’ve released, and it also comes with a handful of accessories. This looks like a must own figure for any fan of Predator. Here are the details:

The result of a primitive culture paired with a supreme intellect, the Predator established itself as a new breed of invader from space. Now the original Predator makes its appearance in the PLAY ARTS KAI line-up. Its raw, organic details and the realistic metallic sheen on its armor are both captured in detail and bring out the contrasting primal as well as advanced technological characteristics of the Predator.
Sideshow Collectibles and Square Enix are proud to introduce the Predator Collectible Figure. Utilizing translucent parts in some areas and with an intense paintwork application, Square Enix has created the realistic wet look of a living creature. The Predator features movie-accurate weathering and tarnished details on the armor and weapons and includes a wide variety of accessories, from an interchangeable face piece and helmet to a human skull obtained by the Predator through its hunt.

The Predator Sideshow Collectibles Figure is currently available for pre-sale for $120. The details is absolutely amazing. This is a must have to our geek-cave collection… better start saving geeks!