Ariana Grande’s official music video for “One Last Time” stuns with epic cinematography and a found footage feel reminiscing of 2008’s critically acclaimed “Cloverfield” directed by Matt Reeves. We get to see the gorgeous American singer as she spends her last minutes on earth with the one she loves. The beginning of the music clip feature beautiful explosions in the sky as TV channels capture what appears to be the end of the world. People are in a frenzy due to the apocalyptic event as everyone tries to get to safety.  Grande and a lucky young man eventually end up on a building rooftop to share one last moment together before the earth is destroyed.

Ariana Grande Releases Epic 'One Last Time' Official Music Video

Ariana Grande Releases Epic ‘One Last Time’ Official Music Video

The talented songstress tweeted about the newly released music video:

“#OneLastTimeVideo … directed by my friend, the incredible @uptomyknees,”

“One Last Time” is the latest hit single from Grande’s sophomore album “My Everything” which was released in music outlets in August last year.