District 9 and Chappie Director Neill Blomkamp has made no secret of his love for Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. Neill Blomkamp is making the press rounds for Chappie right now, and now he’s saying that him doing an Alien movie could actually happen. According to him, Fox is eager to jump on the project, and that now the ball is in his court to decide if he wants to do it.

Blomkamp recently shared some fantastic, unofficial Alien concept art via social media, which he described as “a mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created.” He noted that the art was “done by  an awesome French concept artist. Developed idea and art, but I don’t think I’ll make it,” adding that it had “nothing to do” with 20th Century Fox, the studio behind the series. Blomkamp even went on to add that the studio had no idea he was working on the film, which looks to be set after the second Alien film.


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Here’s the interview with Uproxx:

The art was very specific, it looked like a complete story. Ripley is wearing a space jockey helmet.

It was a whole story. Then I just wasn’t sure if I was going to do another film, like, at all.


Sometimes Hollywood just sort of gets to me. I love movies, but Hollywood itself is a difficult animal to negotiate. So, then I was like, if I don’t do any, I should put some of this artwork out and that’s exactly what happened.

Is that you giving up on possibly doing an Alien movie?

It’s not really giving up on the idea.

People on the Internet responded really well to that artwork.

There’s a high possibility, a high degree of chance that it happens that I go back and try to get Alien made.

He sounds pretty serious, which gives us a little more hope than a lot of the empty talk that seems to surround projects like this. And he really makes it seem the only thing standing between us and a Blomkamp-directed Alienmovie is…well, Blomkamp himself.

In case it never happens, why is Ripley wearing a space jockey helmet?

I can’t tell you! It might happen! It’s cool though; it’s really cool … I’ll decide soon.

Someone at Fox should listen to you about this.

That’s not the problem, actually.

What’s the problem?

Me. I’m the problem. Fox, they would make it. Like, tomorrow. They would make it.

So if you called right now and said, “OK, done.”

Yes. Then it would happen.

Would it be your vision, or do they have their own ideas?

No, I think it would work out.

Then just do it.

I know, I just have to mentally agree with that.





This is great news, and it really sounds like all that needs to happen is that he needs to decide. Do we need another Alien movie? With Prometheus 2 also happening is this a good idea? All we know is that the potential future project is an Alien reboot/remake, Neill Blomkamp will be the perfect man for the job!