We finally get to see some footage for the hotly anticipated “Heroes Reborn” that has been stuck in development hell for quite some time now. NBC turned their focus to the Super Bowl XLIX telecast over the weekend to promote the upcoming show about humans with superpowers. The original series kept us on our toes for three years, but halfway through season 3 when it became nearly impossible to keep track of the storyline we hopelessly continued watched till NBC Pulled the plug after season 4.

'Heroes Reborn' Unleashed A Thought Provoking Super Bowl Promo

‘Heroes Reborn’ Unleashed A Thought Provoking Super Bowl Promo

The first teaser takes a peek at a young girl who is channeling her super powers that seems to create some aurora in the North or South Pole? Jack Coleman’s Noah Bennett a.k.a. the Man in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses and Zachary Levi’s character is keeping an eye on the super human from a distance. What does all of this mean? Where will it all start again? We don’t know at this stage but GS will keep you posted.

The event series (as it was announced last year) is still set to start production somewhere in this year. It is however expected to air in 2015 (no date announced just yet) and original series creator Tim Kring is involved in the project.