Deadline is running with a hot scoop suggesting that Hollywood golden boy Chris Pratt has a movie offer for the upcoming “Indiana Jones” pic. 71-year-old ‘Indiana Jones’ star Harrison Ford from the original film series mentioned in an interview late last year that it’s ok for him “to come back again with a great movie around him where he doesn’t necessarily have to kick as much ass.” Does this mean that Ford might be included in the latest installment but will somehow pass the whip and hat to a new tomb raider?

Deadline reports:

“Disney has just started to turn its attention to reviving the Indiana Jones franchise after buying the rights from Paramount in 2013. I’m cautioned that while things are very early, I hear the studio has set its sights on Chris Pratt as the swashbuckling archaeologist they hope to build the new franchise around, the role made famous by Harrison Ford in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.“

Chris Pratt Eyed for New 'Indiana Jones' Movie

Chris Pratt Eyed for New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie

2008’s “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was a terrible film compared to the previous gems released in the franchise. It would be best if they completely scrape the idea and let the franchise keep its dignity and respect it deserves. Anyway, Steven Spielberg’s frequent collaborator Janusz Kaminski is expected to work as cinematographer. Bradley Cooper was rumored to take on the lead role in the past, but he dismissed the casting report.

Any geeks out there excited to see a brand new Indy flick?