Sylvester Stallone has officially unveiled the title for the fifth and final installment in the “Rambo” movie franchise. Now officially titled “Rambo: Last Blood” as speculated back in September last year, Stallone said he was in the process of “starting to work out” to prepare for the final installment of his iconic movie franchise. The 68-year-old action movie veteran will reprise his role as John Rambo in the concluding sequel previously described by the actor as “his version of ‘No Country for Old Men’.”

Sly delivered the news about the title of the upcoming Rambo movie via his Twitter account, he tweeted:

“Doing ‘Scarpa’ based on Gangster Greg Scarpa after LAST BLOOD RAMBO…,”

Sylvester Stallone’s 'Rambo 5' Officially Titled ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rambo 5’ Officially Titled ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

Irrespective of Stallone’s last four movies tanking at the North American box office, I am still a huge fan and I can’t wait to see what the final chapter has in store. Any diehard fan of the action movie hero will agree that “Rocky Balboa” was a fitting end to the boxing film franchise. Made with the mindset that Rocky deserves a fitting end after all these years really paid off. Hopefully Rambo will enjoy the same thought through emotional and fitting end. 2008′s “Rambo” was a balls to the wall 236 body count masterpiece that could have served as the final movie in the franchise. Maybe Sly will see Rambo fight it out and leap into the next life in a blaze of glory? That would be awesome!

The plot for the upcoming movie is still under wraps, but earlier reports indicate that Rambo is expected to take on a Mexican cartel in a kill or be killed final showdown.