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Video Trailer For The New Kings Quest Game

Video Trailer For The New Kings Quest Game

The classic adventure game King’s Quest is coming back courtesy of indie studio The Odd Gentleman. And… it looks lovely. The redevelopment was first announced at GamesCom 2014 earlier this year. Take a look at this debut trailer. The trailer premiered tonight at The Game Awards right after King’s Quest creators Roberta and Ken Williams were given an “Icon” award. Though the Williamses are not involved in the new game, Roberta said she was impressed with what she’s seen of the new game. It’ll be out next fall for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

We cannot wait for this game to hit the shelves! We can still remember the hours and hours of game time we pent playing Kings Quest, walking in that desert, up and down that narrow mountain… simply epic.

The content shown was labelled as pre-alpha content, which means it is probably not as polished as it will be come 2015:

Bonus! Here are the Williamses getting their Icon award. A nice moment.