Guillermo del Toro has been hard at work for over a year now by setting in place the foundations for a “Justice League Dark” movie. The last time we checked in with updates for the JLD project, it was all hanging in the balance of DC’s plans to expand their cinematic universe. The plans were discussed over a year ago, and since then over a half-dozen comic book films have been announced by the comic book giant. Unfortunately no plans were revealed to include JDL during that time, but now it seems the studio is back on track with the final decision lying with Warner Bros.

Guillermo del Toro Says 'Justice League: Dark' Script Is Finished

Guillermo del Toro Says ‘Justice League: Dark’ Script Is Finished

Del Toro said during an interview about his series “The Strain” with Forbes that a script for DC’s JDL is complete. Warner Bros’ feedback to move forward is expected to be delivered in a few days. Tentatively titled “Dark Universe”, the film is expected to features characters from the “Justice League Dark” comic books which include the likes of John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, the Changing Man and Zatanna.