First Jurassic World Trailer

First Jurassic World Trailer

It’s back, and it’s bigger than ever. The first trailer for the new Jurassic Park movie hits all the right notes, as we are seriously excited to see this , the 4th Jurassic Park movie titled Jurassic World.  Although we’re still very cautious on the need for a 4th movie, there is something spectacular about Jurassic Park and an excitement is generated that can only be attributed to Steven Spielberg or perhaps Chris Pratt.

The trailer for Jurassic World dropped Tuesday (days ahead of its expected Thanksgiving premiere), and it gives us a look at a bigger and better theme park, complete with massive sea monsters and high-tech cars. But, of course, things go awry when a new hybrid dinosaur is unleashed — you should’ve listened to Chris Pratt, guys. And Jeff Goldblum for that matter. Life finds a way.

We know that Jurassic World is set 22 years after the previous one, and that the velociraptor will look like this. We also listed Jurassic World as one of our most highly anticipated movies of 2015.

Universal Pictures has slated Jurassic World for release on June 12, 2015.

And remember, if something chases you, run.