HearthStone Game Draws 784 Cards and Deals 791 Damage

HearthStone Game Draws 784 Cards and Deals 791 Damage

We’re pretty sure this is staged, but nonetheless it makes for one entertaining and pretty unique ending to a HearthStone game. For those unfamiliar with HearthStone, allow me to explain:when your deck runs out of cards, you’ll start taking damage every time you try to draw a new one. That damage, called Fatigue, will increase by one on every subsequent draw.

In this instance, the player at the bottom of the screen, the Mage player HysteriA takes advantage of his opponent’s many Northshire Clerics (minions with the ability “Whenever a minion is healed, draw a card”) to dish out some horrible, hilarious punishment.

– Mage casts 9 Circle of healing cards which heals all minions 4 health each.

– This triggers the Lorewalker Cho below, which puts a copy in the other players hand (9  cards to be drawn)

-This also triggers Wild Pyromancer that deals 1 damage to all minions (9 times).

-Also, because the Priest player is sitting with 7 Northshire Clerics he has to draw one additional card for every minion getting healed. That means 9 damage to each cleric. 9×7 = 63 cards per Northshire cleric. That totals to 441 cards!

Lorewalker_Cho(456)_Gold  Northshire_Cleric(600)_GoldWild_Pyromancer(25)_Gold


Here’s the video: