The Matrix Hilariously Summarized in 3 Minutes

The Matrix Hilariously Summarized in 3 Minutes

Red pill or blue pill. This TL;DW 2.5 minute summary of The Matrix Trilogy hilariously compares those opposing views on how to interpret The Matrix and nails the important parts of The Matrix 2 and 3: the Oracle does things, the KFC guy shows up with TVs and there is a crazy DragonBall Z fight scene.

The Matrix remains one of our all time favorite movies. There’s been plenty of videos trying to explain, discuss, and make fun of this great trilogy. Ok we agree that the fact that it was a forced trilogy felt a bit drawn out. But still! Enjoy…

We named Cypher as one of out Top 10 Movie traitors, and the sexy Monica Belluci who plays persephone as one of our top 15 sexiest Sci-fi girls.

Here’s the video:

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