Killswitch Engage Start Working On Next Album

Killswitch Engage Start Working On Next Album

Fresh news from our favorite Metal Core band Killswitch Engage! Frontman Jesse Leach says the band is working on demos for songs destined to be on their next record.

Leach says in an update on his website that new tracks are in the works for the follow-up to 2013’s Disarm The Descent.

“We’re starting to demo, starting to get some ideas for the new record. We’re starting to have that discussion, which is exciting. But that’ll be a while, probably not until late this year, early next year when we start reviewing some of that stuff. So that’s something that’s definitely in the works.”

Leach also discusses his lo-fi solo project Aliken, saying he has no time for fans who want to pigeonhole him as a metal singer.

He says:

“That’s basically whatever I want it to be. I know some people out there who are fans of Killswitch Engage just want me to be a metal singer. I think it’s hilarious that people want to define me and tell me that I can’t do what I want to do. The whole spirit of punk rock and metal is you do whatever you wanna do. If I’m pissing people off, maybe that’s a good thing.”

This will hopefully be done for a late 2015 release maybe?

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