There is an “I Am Legend” reboot in the works over at Warner Bros. nobody asked for. The reboot is directly linked to many failed attempts to convince Will Smith to take part in a prequel as Robert Neville. There were also rumors of a sequel at one stage but nothing came from that either. We can’t blame the studio for taking another crack at the post-apocalyptic science fiction horror flick. 2007’s “I Am Legend” grossed $77,211,321 on its opening weekend, placing it at the top of the box office, and set a record for highest grossing opening for a film for the month of December. The film went on raking in $256,3 at the domestic box office, and rounded up approximately $585,3 worldwide.

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Warner Bros is Rebooting Will Smith's 'I Am Legend'

Warner Bros is Rebooting Will Smith’s ‘I Am Legend’

Deadline reports that Apple store worker-turned-screenwriter Gary Graham is hired to write the script for the reboot. He submitted a nifty piece called “A Garden at the End of the World” to Black List website when the studio noticed his creative talents. When the studio spoke with “I Am Legend” producers, they saw thematic similarities between “A Garden at the End of the World” and “I Am Legend,” and thought it best to launch a reboot. Graham is in the process of  rewriting his piece into an ”I Am Legend” reboot.

We will have to see how this is going to pan out because the idea sounds rather terrible at the moment. “A Garden at the End of the World” could have been a standalone project, but now a reboot is considered for a movie franchise that has been laid to rest with its star not interested to continue the journey.

Original I Am Legend producers Akiva Goldsman, James Lassiter, and Joby Haroldare are back to produce the reboot, along with Roy Lee and Brooklyn Weaver. Described as a “sci-fi version of “The Searchers,” the ‘I Am Legend’ retake has no director or stars hired yet.