Microsoft Windows 10 - First Look

Microsoft Windows 10 – First Look

Microsoft announced the latest iteration in their Operating System, and to the surprise of all it is not titled Windows 9, but indeed windows 10. The guys at Lifehacker managed to setup a home-preview of Windows 10, and they take us through all the new features in the video below. We particularly love the new look, which is a clear step back from windows 8 and it’s metro look and feel.

Microsoft admittedly overestimated the touch-screen audience, and under-estimated the amount of desktop users that would be frustrated to death with the metro-tile look of windows 8. Hence we have Windows 10. The beloved start menu is back, and a whole bunch of new features makes this one of the Windows versions we actually look forward to.

Tuesday’s event was just a small introduction, with Microsoft noting that Windows 10 is still in the early stages, and a lot of stuff is subject to change—not to mention there are tons of consumer features they haven’t talked about yet.

Microsoft made it very clear that Windows 10 is still in the very early stages. There are likely many new features to come—and many improvements to the interface beyond what we’ve seen so far.

We’ll see more of Windows 10 at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in April, and Windows 10 will launch in “later 2015.” No word on pricing yet, but we’ll continue to update this post when we learn more about Windows 10. So stay tuned!

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