destiny loot cave

Bye bye, Loot Cave. Bungie has finally cracked down on the now-iconic exploit that players were using to get loads and loads of loot in the multiplayer shooter Destiny, which Bungie released earlier this month for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

A patch that went live this afternoon officially nerfed the cave and reduced the spawn rate, effectively killing it as a place to farm loot:

The Hive of the holy “Treasure Cave” have realized the futility of their endless assault on Skywatch and have retired to lick their wounds and plan their next attack.

The Loot Cave—a landmark on Destiny’s Earth that would spawn an infinite number of new enemies—had become a popular place for high-level players to congregate and grind for loot over the past few weeks, to the point where it was something of a meme. In many ways the Loot Cave served as an apt metaphor for the addictive-yet-excruciating grind of Destiny itself. Now it’s no more.

destiny loot cave 2

But, the loot cave was hardly gone for a few hours before players started posting images online of a new loot cave. Long live the loot cave! The new loot cave isn’t quite technically a “cave” but it may as well be, as it looks to behave fairly similarly to our late Loot Cave (rest in peace). It’s got a 6-second enemy respawn rate, just like the original cave. You can find it on Earth, flying to the Cosmodrome in Old Russia and heading towards the Rocketyard.

We suspect this new loot cave will probably get nerfed soon as well, so jump in while you can Destiny fans!