It’s been a long wait, and with the rumors flying around for more than 7 years now it is time to lay this baby to bed. Blizzard’s MMO called ‘Titan’ has been cancelled after 7 years of development because of creative issues.

Blizzard returned to the drawing boards last year to reevaluate the project, a game Blizzard co-founder and CEO Mike Morhaime said was “awkward to talk about so much,” because of its unofficial existence. After a more careful examination of the project, though, Blizzard has decided it wouldn’t meet the quality the company strives for.

Here’s the just of it.

  • The team set out to make another amazing MMO after World of Warcraft, but they didn’t find the fun or passion.
  • Metzen said the decision to cancel Titan was excruciating, but cancelling projects has always resulted in better quality work.
  • Right now Blizzard doesn’t want to spend time working on another MMO.
  • Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm helped Blizzard realize they don’t have to work on giant projects.

Although Titan was never technically announced, rumors circulated and Blizzard was open about the development process throughout its rumored existence. With this being cancelled, it doesn’t mean that the development team is no longer working on something. Multiple sources who seem to point towards a new unannounced project from Blizzard that would be codenamed Prometheus and could be another project built around a new license for Blizzard.

Keep in mind that this last bit is very much unofficial and unconfirmed. Here we go again…