The last time we checked in with DC’s plans for cinematic universe expansions, the studio was opting to launch “mid-range” superhero flicks on a lower-budget. One of the potential tentpoles included a curious look at the infamous “Suicide Squad”. It is almost a year later since DC mentioned they are looking at a series of lower-prominence comic books to be adapted to big screen, and now, Variety reports that the “Suicide Squad” project is catching speed with the studios eyeing David Ayer (“Training Day”, “Harsh Times”) to take seat behind the lens.

DC’s 'Suicide Squad' Movie Moving Foward, David Ayer Eyed to Direct

DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Moving Forward, David Ayer Eyed to Direct

Hopefully Ayer is successful once negotiations are completed. Movie geeks familiar with his work will sing his praises for his edgy approach and ability to produce absolute gems from obscure narratives. For those exact reasons, DC and WB are leaning toward a “dark and edgy” adaptation which leaves us with much to be excited about. Christopher Nolan paved the way with his Dark Knight Trilogy, followed by Snyder’s “Man of steel” (story by and produced by Nolan!). It seems that DC will be cementing their roots as the comic book movie franchise with a flair for telling stories with concomitant qualities of intensity.

Variety revealed some titbits about the characters for the upcoming DC movie:

“The group doesn’t include any major DC supervillains like the Joker or Lex Luthor, but the characters will likely have an opportunity to cross over between other DC properties and vice versa for non-Suicide Squad members appearing in this film.”

Even though there are various incarnations of the “Suicide Squad” in the comics, here is an idea of who the team is (courtesy of

“The Suicide Squad is a team of imprisoned super-villains who perform high-risk missions for the U.S. Government in exchange for commuted sentences. They are formally known as Task Force X. The team’s actions are highly classified, and the government is able to deny any involvement by claiming that they are not responsible for the damages of a random super-villain attack. Their commander is Amanda Waller, who runs the organization out of Belle Reve prison. The Suicide Squad was created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, first appearing in Brave and the Bold#25. (1959)”