Fan Drops New iPhone 6 On Live TV

Fan Drops New iPhone 6 On Live TV

We’ve seen this before and we will probably see it again. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

You’ve been queuing for days to get your hands on the new iPhone, the moment finally arrives when you exit the shop and open the box, only to have your worst nightmare come true… The news crews are too much, the attention overwhelming, you start to shake. Next thing you know, that beautiful piece of¬†Apple¬†technology is heading for the hard, cold cement.

Poor Jack, he never had a chance.

Apple store queue

Here’s a few tips for people who just bought their first or new iPhone:

  1. Never, NEVER open the box while standing with your hands already full
  2. Always open the box in a safe environment where the experience can be fully experienced.
  3. If you are an Apple fan you should know how the packaging works and that once you lift the lid you see the beautiful iPhone right there at the top, exposed, in all it’s glory. A slight tild of the box can make the iPhone drop…