Legendary Pictures created a fan frenzy at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con when they announced that we will see the return of King Kong and Godzilla. Things have been rather quiet since they dropped the big news, but this week Variety broke the ice with a report that confirms “Thor” actor Tom Hiddleston as the lead for the new King Kong movie. The movie is set to focus on the furry giant’s home, Skull Island, which is also the home of several other species of creatures.

Tom Hiddleston Will Lead New ‘King Kong’ Movie About Skull Island

Tom Hiddleston Will Lead New ‘King Kong’ Movie About Skull Island

“The Kings of Summer” director Jordan Vogt-Roberts will helm the project, with a script by  “Godzilla” writer Max Borenstein. It will be interesting to see what the duo can come up with considering there is so much material to work with if the film is based on the legendary and mysterious Skull Island. The prehistoric animals and terrifying species that inhabit the Island should keep one of our favorite city destroyers busy for a while.

The “Skull Island” teaser that was released at Comic-con takes a look at the dangerous home of “The King” with the opening scene focusing on a dark stormy ocean which leads to the visuals of a beautiful Island. The clip also featured a voice over leading to the final reveal:

“Long stretches of the world cut off forever, the earliest beginings of the world, when vegetation lined the earth. It came in the shape of an unrestful and noisy dream.”

Right at the end of the teaser Kong shows up with an intimidating roar!

Indiewire.com also noted that King Kong is in fact the mystery film slated for 2016 by Legendery productions, previously rumoured to be a Marvel project and possible superhero tentpole for Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Source: variety.com