We have seen some hot rumors for the ‘Zoolander 2‘ project over the last couple of weeks and we are excited to share the news that one major character has booked his place in the hotly anticipated sequel. Jonah Hill is among the actors to take a role, but The Hollywood Reporter says that we can definitely expect Will Ferrell to reprise his role as fashion executive Mugatu in the second installment.

Will Ferrell Will Return to 'Zoolander 2' as Mugatu

Will Ferrell Will Return to ‘Zoolander 2’ as Mugatu

The comedian confirmed the casting news himself, he said:

“We are actually supposed to do a read-through of a sequel script soon, and Mugatu is a part of it,”

Ferrell will be joined by Ben Stiller, who also helmed the 2001 comedy and assisted with the script-writing. Mugatu attempted to brainwash Zoolander (Stiller) but failed, and ended up in jail. In a 2011 interview with Empire, Stiller mentioned that he had plans to include Mugatu in the sequel:

“It’s ten years later and most of it is set in Europe… it’s basically Derek and Hansel… though the last movie ended on a happy note a lot of things have happened in the meantime. Their lives have changed and they’re not really relevant anymore. It’s a new world for them. Will Ferrell is written into the script and he’s expressed interest in doing it. I think Mugatu is an integral part of the ‘Zoolander’ story, so yes, he features in a big way.”

Oh snap, remember that one time when Alexander Skarsgard played a model in Zoolander? I’ll bet that 50% of our readers forgot about that one!

Yup, Alexander Skarsgard in "Zoolander"

Yup, Alexander Skarsgard in “Zoolander”