Sylvester Stallone’s “Rambo 5” is building momentum according to recent reports that hit the internet this week. reports that the fifth installment in the franchise will be aptly titled, “Rambo: Last Blood”, which ties back to the 1982 titled “First Blood”. As the rumored title suggests, the upcoming fifth installment will conclude the epic saga for the franchise originally based on David Morrell’s novel, “First Blood”.

'Rambo 5' to be Directed by Sylvester Stallone, Possible Title Revealed

‘Rambo 5’ to be Directed by Sylvester Stallone, Possible Title Revealed

With “The Expendables 3” all wrapped up an out the way, Stallone says he is getting ready for “Rambo 5” and he is “starting to work out”. The 68-year-old action movie veteran is expected to reprise his role as John Rambo, and rumors are also swirling that the buff star will take seat behind the lens. The concluding sequel was previously described by the actor as “his version of ‘No Country for Old Men’.” The plot for the upcoming movie is still under wraps, but earlier reports indicate that Rambo is expected to take on a Mexican cartel in a kill or be killed final showdown.

2008’s “Rambo” featured more body counts than any other flick in the series, sporting a death count of 236 baddies. “First Blood” will forever remain the crown jewel of the franchise, but “Anything Stallone” has always carried an immediate stamp of approval from our side. I will be counting the days till Rambo unleashes his fury for one final showdown!

In related Sly news, recent reports reveal that the “Rocky” spin-off “Creed” is still in the works with Michael B. Jordan tapped to portray a boxer trained by Sly’s Rocky Balboa.