We know that Halloween is only until next month, but we are already scouting the net for some awesome Halloween makeup ideas. We stumbled upon Elsa Rhae’s YouTube channel which happens to showcase some of the best makeup we have ever seen. The talented artists creates videos as a career and does makeup as a hobby, but hopes to successful combine her two passions going forward. She currently works as a video contractor for Smith Electric Vehicles (KC, MO), Cate Mcnabb Cosmetics (Chicago, IL), and Abilene Machine (Abilene, KS), and she’s also an event face painter and makeup artist in the Kansas City area.

15 Creative Halloween Makeup Tutorials by Elsa Rhae.

15 Creative Halloween Makeup Tutorials by Elsa Rhae.

She uploaded videos of her makeup creations for some of our favorite movie, game and series characters. It will be difficult to replicate the makeup tutorials with each character, but at least we have some ideas to inspire us. We decided to create a top list of her best work in preparation for Halloween next month. Be creative and enjoy!

In no particular order, check out 15 Creative Halloween Makeup Tutorials by Elsa Rhae.

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1. Game of Thrones WHITE WALKER Face Paint

2. Mortal Kombat’s BARAKA Face Paint

3. Venom Face Paint

4. Mortal Kombat’s SCORPION Face Paint

5. Captain Planet Face Paint

6. ERMAC Mortal Kombat Face Paint

7. Mortal Kombat’s QUAN CHI Face and Body Paint

8. Bioshock Little Sister Face and Body Paint

9. Jigsaw Face Paint

10. V for Vendetta Face Paint

11. Mortal Kombat’s Sub Zero Face Paint

12. The Joker Face and Body Paint

13. The Red Skull Face Paint

14. Bloodseeker – Dota 2 Face Paint

15. Diana League of Legends Makeup Tutorial