It doesn’t come as a big surprise that “The Simpsons” managed to break records with their epic “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon which ran on FXX for a total of twelve glorious days. We reported two weeks ago that in its first 24 hours of the marathon, the show delivered an average of 1.01 million viewers, almost four times of the network’s regular viewership.

‘The Simpsons’ Marathon Smashed FXX’s Ratings Records

‘The Simpsons’ Marathon Smashed FXX’s Ratings Records

Consisting of all 552 episodes, the marathon managed to reach the largest percentage of the network’s demographic ever recorded and boosted FXX from 49th to 3rd place temporarily in its key demographic. That is a figure three times as high as FXX execs expected according to The animated series pulled an average of 1.3 million viewers during its primetime airings.

The results of the marathon have also placed the animated show in a favourable position with the network. The show is now set to air as follows:

  • Mondays from 6pm-midnight
  • Tuesdays from 8pm-midnight
  • Thursdays from 8pm-midnight
  • Fridays from 6pm-midnight
  • Sundays from 4 to 8pm

“The Simpsons” officially became the longest-running TV marathon in history after its FXX debut. The animated family is set to return for season 26 on Sunday, September 28 at 9/8c on FOX.