The friendly guys over at ButtonBass has made available a full range of  easy to use apps to mess around with if you’re looking to create your own mixed songs online, or if you’re just trying to shoot the breeze to kill some time at work. I was busy researching on the internet when I came across ButtonBass’ awesome time killer cubes, balls, and keyboards. There is something addictive about trying to find the best arrangement of beats and sounds while messing around with a plethora of musical apps. The concept is simple and extremely fun to mess around with. I included most of their nifty stuff  in table format for all our geeks to play around with.


Check out some more apps

Dunstep Balls 2 Trap 1 Regga 1
Dunstep Cube 1 Trap 2 Regga 2
Classic Dubstep House Hip Hop
Create Your Own Music Online - Hip Hop Cube

Create Your Own Music Online – Hip Hop Cube

About ButtonBass:

“ was launched in august of 2007 by me, Jason. I had a set of music samples I wanted to mix up and I didn’t have any software available so I made a program to mix them up. My friend came over and was playing the program for over an hour. So I thought It would be cool to upload it to the internet. So I bought the domain name and uploaded a few different programs I made. A short time later I made the piano. After about a year I got my friend Everett involved in producing the site and getting the name out there. From there we had a friend Ariel that made music. Ariel, Everett and I spent many afternoons recording sound samples,editing the samples, designing ui, making beats, ordering beats, designing t shirts, stickers, programming and barbecuing.”