Civilization: Beyond Earth Live stream

Civilization: Beyond Earth Live stream

After seeing this 6 minute demo on the new Civilization: Beyond Earth we are dripping with excitement and anticipation to start playing this game. This video gives us a closer look at some of the colony affinities, battles and strategies. It looks absolutely amazing.

How shall you direct the future of mankind?

Civilization: Beyond Earth is Firaxis’ homage to its previous turn-based space odyssey Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, and will be releasing on the 24th of October. Pre-orders are currently available, which will garner you the pre-order exclusive Exoplanet map pack, supposedly “based on real exoplanets“. More pertinently, Firaxis also released a narrated gameplay walkthrough of Beyond Earth and some background discussion on the lore and factional leaders of the game.

If you want to see more, then tune in to this 50 minute live stream that was uploaded to the official Civilization Youtube channel: