Nooooo! There is absolutely no reason to continue the vampire franchise ‘Underworld’ without Kate Beckinsale. She told Collider back in 2012 that “it’s probably unlikely that I’ll do [another ‘Underworld‘ sequel] but they may do one without me.” The reboot is officially in the works as per the latest breaking news from The Hollywood Reporter. “Priest” scribe Cory Goodman is hired to write the screenplay for the upcoming iconic horror franchise.

Kate Beckinsale - 'Underworld' Reboot in the Works

‘Underworld’ Reboot in the Works

It is unclear what fans of the franchise can expect from the reboot, but some horror geeks will remember that a new film called “Underworld: Next Generation” was in the works with Wiseman serving as producer. Rumors suggested that the stroryline would center on Eve, the hybrid daughter of Beckinsale’s Selene (vampire) and Scott Speedman’s Michael (vampire werewolf hybrid).

Beckinsale is one of the biggest reasons why “Underworld” is such a huge success. She surprised audiences with her athletic abilities and action hero persona as Selene the vampire in the 2003 movie. She reprised her role another three times, with her last appearance as the iconic character in  2012’s “Underworld: Awakening”. The 3D film was the top earner in the franchise, raking in $160 million worldwide. Taking over $458.2 million worldwide, we can’t blame the studio for considering a reboot. We are not convinced that the franchise can hold it together without Beckinsale, but no official announcement has been made to rule her out.