If it wasn’t clear that The CW and DC Comics were well on their way to creating a shared universe, it should be now that the studio has given up any attempts at secrecy. The latest promotional poster for the show teases not just hints at future villains and characters set to appear in The Flash, but larger companies that could span their entire TV universe.

The new poster revealed via the series’ official Twitter account shows that on the streets of Central City, Oliver Queen’s company – and the burger joint frequented by he and his friends – is impossible to miss

The guys at Screenrant took the liberty of highlighting the clearest easter eggs (and a few well-hidden ones) in the full size image below. The most notable ones are:

flash spoiler poster

1. “Grodd Lives” Graffiti


With Gorilla Grodd already teased in the Flash pilot, it’s no surprise to see another cryptic message contained here.


2. AmerTek


AmerTek is a military weapons manufacturer. The presence of a military industrial firm isn’t a total shock, but the company is also a key player in the origin story of John Henry Irons, better known to comic fans as ‘Steel.’ When Irons realized his work was being used to do evil as opposed to good, he branched out on his own, forming a suit of armor suited to a vigilante crime fighter. The new poster uses the same logo seen in the Batman: Arkham video game series, but exactly what it implies for the future of The Flash is still unclear. We have our own suspicions that The CW could already be cooking up another spinoff series, but could Steel be next?


3. Kord Industries


The company run by billionaire (and superhero ‘Blue Beetle’) Ted Kord. It’s expected that Kord will appear in one of the two CW shows before long, having his company teased already in Arrow, and reports claiming a man of Ted Kord’s description is set to join The Flash‘s cast.

Hopefully the other easter eggs – including the almost impossible to decipher signs and buildings will be uncovered soon, but there’s more than enough to keep fan speculation fueled for the foreseeable future. What do you make of the easter eggs contained within this piece of marketing? Are they merely for fun, or do you think a more substantial connection is being teased? Sound off in the comments.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th, 2014.