There is a very good reason to check out this super intense cover of Creed’s ‘Higher’, but the reason has slipped my mind for some reason. Oh yes… remember the days when Idols was still cool to watch? This guy will be our ultimate idol! I didn’t know people were still listening to “Creed” since lead vocalist Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti started their feud about creative directions for the once best-selling rock band. Anyway…we found the biggest diehard fan who also considers himself to be a lead vocalist (or so we assume by the YouTube upload). This dude really pumped the intensity with a closeup shot and stern expression to deliver the lines to Creed’s “Higher”. Another YouTube star is born…..sort of…I guess?! If our new-found star doesn’t hit the notes for your particular taste, there is someone worth following that is singing up a storm on YouTube, her name is Jess Greenberg.

Check Out This Super Intense Cover of Creed’s ‘Higher’

Check Out This Super Intense Cover of Creed’s ‘Higher’ (via YouTube)