The sequel to Ron Howard’s 2009 “Angels & Demons” will be heading to big screens with Tom Hanks reprising his role as Professor Robert Langdon. Howard will return to helm the third adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel, titled “Inferno”.  The third installment is actually based on Brown’s fourth book in the series, skipping the actual third book “The Lost Symbol”.

“Angels & Demons” scribe David Koepp is hired again to scripts the latest installment in the threequel.  We are already marking our calendars for the release date tentatively set for a December 18, 2015. The fourth installment in Brown’s book series is set in Europe and inspired by Dante Alighieri’s 14th-Century epic poem, “The Divine Comedy”. Gaming geeks with a curios itch for interesting titles and plots may have researched the backstory for 2010’s action-adventure video game “Dante’s Inferno”, which is also based on Dante Alighieri’s poem, “The Divine Comedy”.

'Da Vinci Code' Threequel 'Inferno' Set for 2015

‘Da Vinci Code’ Threequel ‘Inferno’ Set for 2015

Dante Alighieri wrote the poem between c. 1308 and his death in 1321. It is widely considered the preeminent work of Italian literature, and is seen as one of the greatest works of world literature. The poem’s imaginative and allegorical vision of the afterlife is representative of the medieval world-view as it had developed in the Western Church by the 14th century. On the surface, the poem describes Dante’s travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven;  but at a deeper level, it represents, allegorically, the soul’s journey towards God.

According to we can expect the following from “Inferno”, set to take place in Italy:

“Inferno” centers on an amnesia-plagued Landgon (Hanks) as he teams up with a female doctor to stop the release of a global plague cooked up by a genius scientist obsessed with Dante’s epic poem of the same name.”