NBC is developing a potential new series based on the 1997 thriller, “The Devil’s Advocate“. The fact that the cult classic pic stands out as one of the best courtroom drama flicks ever released, immediately makes the small screen adaptation one of the most intriguing projects to keep an eye on. The original court room movie starred Keanu Reeves as an ambitious young lawyer at the top of his career. He is tempted to act outside of his moral comfort zone when he needs to decide if he wants to join the Devil (Al Pacino) at the head of an evil company. The decision seems easy at first, but he later discovers that the king of darkness is his father, and his soul is at stake.

The Devil's Advocate poster

The Devil’s Advocate poster

John Wells and Arnold Kopelson are set to executive produce the pilot with a script penned by Matt Venne. The Devil’s Advocate TV series has received a put pilot (guaranteed to air) commitment by NBC. It is unclear which patch the storyline will be taking at this point, but we have to assume that the winning formula from the critically acclaimed big screen adaptation will be followed. It is highly likely that a character likes Reeves’ Kevin will be the main focus of the newly develop series, as he slowly discovers his evil family roots while working his way up the legal food chain.

This is a very exciting development coming from NBC, but we are forced to reserve our final call on the success of the pilot until the principal roles are announced. Reeves and Pacino really sold the story which mainly focused on the age-old battle of Good vs. Evil, while introducing a fairly unknown Charlize Theron in her breakthrough role as Reeves suicidal wife. “The Devil’s Advocate” TV series is currently in development, however no premiere date has been announced yet. GeekShizzle will keep you posted!

Check out the trailer for 1997’s “The Devil’s Advocate”

Source: deadline.com