dragon age 3

We are officially in love and cannot wait until november 18th! Checkout the 8 Dragon Age – Inquisition 8 minute gameplay video that was shown by BioWare yesterday during the 2014 Gamescom in Germany. It really looks like they got the balance right this time between strategic fighting, the story and good old hack & slash, and the beautiful open world.

We particularly love the ability to pause a battle, and strategically give commands to your followers. Ordering your follower individually, in a sort of slow-motion combination of real-time and turn-based combat, allows you to use your creativity in team fights. Using mage spells to protect an ally whose storming into a group, or taunting zombies with a roar to force a fight against a Warrior, while you set traps and sneak up on enemies are all satisfying when executed in tandem.

They even left us with one spectacular scene in the trailer that was shown at the end. A full on Dragon vs. Dragon battle!

Dragon Age – Inquisition is one of 4 awesome games getting released in November, check-out the rest here.


Here’s the Dragon Age – Inquisition 8 Minute Gameplay Video.