This is a rare occasion for GeekShizzle to announce a YouTube artist with exceptional skills from our home country. South Africans embrace what the online world has to offer but some are still sceptical to unleash the awesome power of online social media and sharing platforms such as YouTube. SA has many talented artists with a variety of entertaining skills and it’s about time that we see someone stick it out and make a name for themselves on the video sharing giant. We are proud to introduce Cobus Potgieter who has established himself as one of the best drummers on the sharing platform. We know it is a very bold statement, but have a look at his work and judge for yourself. We are pretty sure that Cobus can fill in for some of the best drummers in the world based on his skills and passion for music.



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Cobus Potgieter

Cobus Potgieter


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Born in the Karoo in the Northern Cape Province, Cobus grew up in a beautiful town in South Africa called Humansdorp. He started playing drums for the first time at the age of sixteen, and soon after mustered the courage to start loading videos on YouTube.

He had some difficulty expressing himself before he started his road to fame, he says:

“I was very inquisitive from a young age and wanted to understand everything. I never particularly excelled at sports or any other extra-curricular activity, and although I had a wonderful and happy childhood, I never really had a lot of confidence.”

He also mentions that being able to play the drums have set him free to express himself and feel confident doing it:

“When I was 16 years old, I played the drums for the first time and that gave me an outlet and a source of confidence I had never experienced before. “

His career has really taken flight since his first video was launched on YouTube. In the latter part of 2011, Cobus was invited to join by 2Cellos, another YouTube sensation at Google’s Inspiration Night concert in Tel Aviv. At the time, the 2Cellos were touring with Elton John.  Cobus was joined by another young YouTube music sensation Maria Aragon who performed with Lady Gaga.


Visit his official website for more details, but in the meantime; check out some of his best YouTube videos:

Cobus – 30 Seconds to Mars – Kings and Queens (Drum Cover)

Cobus – Avenged Sevenfold – Critical Acclaim (Drum Cover)

Cobus – 30 Seconds To Mars – Closer To The Edge (Drum Cover)

Cobus – Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow

Cobus – Paramore – Careful (Drum Cover)

Cobus – Linkin Park – No More Sorrow (Drum Cover)

Cobus – Foo Fighters – The Pretender (Drum Cover)

Cobus – Yellowcard – Breathing (Drum Cover)

Cobus – Incubus – Nice To Know You (Drum Cover)