If you are into the worlds most popular MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) World of Warcraft, then chances are you’ve heard of Youtuber Nobbel87. He’s known to all as the Warcraft Lore guy. If you’ve ever had a question on anything warcraft related, then you will find your answer somewhere amongst his youtube videos.

He goes into extreme depths of detail on the characters, history and lore of the entire Warcraft universe.

His latest video though, takes you on a 41 minute ride through the entire history of Azeroth and Warcraft. It’s like watching a movie, only its anything and everything Warcraft, which is awesome! We’ve been considering starting Wow from the beginning again, and this recap of the story of Warcraft was just the right thing to get us going!

Here’s┬áThe Story of Warcraft – Lore by Nobbel87:

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